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Terms and Conditions of Perfect Shop Directory - Online Shop Directory

Terms and Conditions

Using the services of Perfect Shop Directory the visitor or user agrees not to:

send objectionable content that may inhabit others from using services on

send content that will expose Perfect Shop Directory or its associates or users or visitors to any harm or liability.

send material that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, abusive, fraudulent, or otherwise inappropriate.

Send data that would constitute, encourage criminal offence, violate rights, create liability, violate law.

content that would infringe patent, trademark, copyright, intellectual property rights etc. of any person or organization.

Terms and Conditions of Perfect Shop Directory

Perfect Shop Directory offers Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) services of website listing services with online marketing services to advertise, promote and provide publicity for website of clients.

Using the services offered by Perfect Shop Directory the Visitor or User hereby unconditionally agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions explicitly and implicitly. Perfect Shop Directory may update, change or revise this terms and conditions at any time without any notice. Any update, changes or revisions so made will reflect on this page and the visitor or user may visit this page to review the updates at any time. The terms and conditions will become applicable from the time they are made and the use of the website by the user or visitor would constitute that he / she agrees and contents to such changes.

Any violation found in the terms and conditions would result in the delisting of the website and also in termination of all the services provided to the website. Perfect Shop Directory explicitly prohibits certain conducts when using the services offered on The visitor or user of the website agree that Perfect Shop Directory will not be responsible for any content posted by the visitor or user themselves or any other visitor or user. The visitor or user hereby agree to use the services offered by Perfect Shop Directory at their own risk.

No card details are required for submission of website or for availing free listing or other free participation. Payment has to be made only for availing paid services. Paid services will be available only after the payment is received in advance. The payment has to be made through payment processors on their respective websites. A refund is available only for website listing services, in the event the website does not qualify for listing.

Rules and Regulations

All charges are inclusive of GST tax as charged in India only, any other charges that is applicable or would become applicable will have to be paid by the visitor or user in addition to the charges mentioned for the said service.

For any upgrade the visitor or user has to pay only the difference in the amount along any charges other than GST (as applicable in India) that would be applicable.

On renewal if the visitor or user decides to downgrade the plan then the services available will be curtailed as per the downgrade selected which may result in non-availability of certain content or features. Perfect Shop Directory will not be liable for such loss.

The prices of services are subject to change and such change may become applicable or due at the time of renewal of the said service. In any unforeseen increase in any charges or levies or taxes by the concerned authorities, the same, if it becomes applicable immediately then it will have to be paid by user of the services.

Perfect Shop Directory will not be liable to the user or any third party for changes in prices, any suspension or discontinuance of services and by using the services available on the website the user hereby agrees to accept the terms and conditions and also agree to waive any rights to file a claim for losses, damages etc against Perfect Shop Directory and its associates for any such changes.

Perfect Shop Directory grants the visitor or user of this website limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, non-sub-licensable license right to use and access for the purpose of using its services subject to terms and conditions, policies and other guidelines of Perfect Shop Directory.

Perfect Shop Directory reserves full rights to terminate, refuse or suspend any services that is currently used or to be used in the future for any particular visitor or user for any reason or at any time. In case of such termination of services no refunds will be made and any content or data related to the visitor or user may be removed, purged or deleted from

Rules and Regulations

The visitor or user hereby acknowledges that all content, services, processes, user interfaces, know how, software, documentations, hardware, business secrets, technology and any other assets now known or be created in the future that is used by Perfect Shop Directory is covered by Intellectual Property rights that is owned and licensed by Perfect Shop Directory. Other than the expressly reserved rights given to the visitor or user in this terms and conditions, no other license or rights are granted to the visitor or user. The visitor or user hereby agrees not to modify, license, sublicense, assign, distribute, commercially exploit, transfer, build competitive service, build service on similar ideas, copy ideas, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble the services, decompile, recreate, gain source code access, create derivative works of the services offered on Perfect Shop Directory.

Perfect Shop Directory does not claim any rights over material or content of the websites that are submitted for listing or for availing services that may be displayed on By agreeing to use the services provided on Perfect Shop Directory the visitor or user agrees to give nonexclusive right to use data, images, logos, business name etc of the listed website for promotional or marketing purposes. The granting of this right the visitor or user also agrees to the sharing of these materials and content publicly, for viewing and sharing of this material and content on and through

Perfect Shop Directory may provide listing of website and other services to randomly selected websites who win contests or other promotional activities conducted by Perfect Shop Directory. These services may be provided with or without the express consent of the participating website owner. In such cases the website owner can avail the services provided by Perfect Shop Directory or send a request to remove the website from the service that is provided. On receipt of such request for removal of website, Perfect Shop Directory will verify the request and then remove the website from the services provided on In the event of non receipt of any request for removal it would be assumed in good faith that the website owner agrees to the participation of the website in the said contest and promotional activity and also agrees to avail of the prize / prizes that are won in the said contest or promotional activity.

Perfect Shop Directory reserves the right to display content of the visitor or user on at its sole discretion. It also reserves the right to remove or refuse or modify the content provided by the visitor or user.

Nothing mentioned explicitly or implicitly in this agreement gives any right to the visitor or user to use Perfect Shop Directory trade name, trademarks, service marks, logo, domain name and other distinctive brand identity.

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Terms and Conditions

Perfect Shop Directory is the copyright owner of all content on and all rights are reserved. The visitor or user may not copy, reuse, duplicate, whole or part of the website its source codes, html codes, css codes or any other content or material.

In case of notices for copyright or intellectual property infringement Perfect Shop Directory will investigate into the issue and provide a appropriate response. If found appropriate the infringed material may be removed access to that material may be disabled. The website owner of the listed website will be informed of the of the infringed material so that he / she may make a counter notification, if the case might so be. Services to regular infringing websites will be terminated.

Misrepresentation in infringement notices may lead to exposure to liability for damages. Before issuing notice, it is suggested to take the opinion of an attorney/lawyer.

The rights of Perfect Shop Directory shall pass on to its successors or assignees. The rights of the user or visitor cannot be assigned or cannot be passed on.

Perfect Shop Directory will not be held liable for delays in or failure in provision of any service in part or in full, in normal conditions or in conditions beyond its control which includes but is not limited to legal changes, riots, natural calamities, manmade calamities, power cuts, severe weather conditions, internet blackout, hacking activity, etc.

By using Perfect Shop Directory the visitor or user hereby agrees to all the terms and conditions listed above, privacy policy and disclaimer.

If the visitor / user has any queries he / she may contact us on though our Contact Page

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