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Shopper listing can be submitted very easily on Perfect Shop Directory. The form given on the left can be used to list the Shopper. The Shopper List is to list the shoppers of the websites. One of the criteria for getting listed on the Shopper List is that the person has to be a Shopper on at-least one website. A Shopper should provide the following details to get listed on Perfect Shop Directory:

1. The Form starts with a option to select if the Shopper is a new shopper or is already listed on Perfect Shop Directory. If the shopper is already listed then the review or the complaint will be added to the dedicated webpage of the shopper. If the Shopper is a new Shopper then a dedicated webpage of the Shopper will be made.

2. The real name of the Shopper should be mentioned. This name will be verified using any identification that the person can provide.

3. The person can choose a screen name that will displayed publically on the dedicated webpage and will be used for display in review and complaints by the said Shopper.

4. The email Id of the Shopper should be mentioned. It will not be displayed on the website but hidden. The email will be verified for listing of the Shopper.

5. The pincode of the place where the person is staying has to be mentioned. This is for the sake of alloting the relavent surveys, discounts, offers etc. for the Shopper.

6. The contact number mentioned on the website should be provided here. If no contact number is mentioned on the website then the contact number of the organisation or person represented by the website should be mentioned. The contact number should also be available for verification.

7. The name of the website where the person had shopped should be mentioned. The shopper should have a bill from the website to validate the purchase.

8. The Url of the website should be mentioned. This url can be mentioned without the http:// or https://

9. Then give the rating of the experience the shopper had on the website.

10. After that the shopper has to mention if he / she would refer the website to others.

11. Thereafter the shopper can write his / her review or complaint in as detail as possible. If it is too large to write the same can be cut pasted her or a link to the document that is uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox can be given.

12. Upload the image of the bill on Google Drive or Dropbox and send a link of the image.

13. Then the Shopper, in case of a complaint, can mention what type of resolution that the shopper is looking forward to. In case of a complaint the website will be contacted before the complaint is upload on Perfect Shop Directory. At that time the type of resolution will be mentioned to the Website owner. If the complaint is resolved it will not be uploaded on the website but if the complaint is not resolved within 15 working days of the issue of complaint by the shopper, the complaint will be uploaded on the website.

14. After that agree to the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy and then click Submit.

After reciept of the above details from the shopper, completing all verification and other procedures the Shopper will be listed on Perfect Shop Directory within three working days. The listing of the shopper is completely free and there are no charges for listing as a shopper. By sending the above review or complaint the person should acknowledge that he / she is responsible legally for the truth that he / she writes. The Shopper also agrees to the fact that he / she is writing a genuine personal experience and is not paid or given any incentive to write the same. The Shoppers also acknowledges the fact that the real name and contact information may be used or given to the website owner, in case of complaints and for the resolution of the complaints.

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Benefits of getting Listed on the Shopper List.

For Self

Review Websites

Encourage good practices

Complain about Websites

Discourage bad practices

Share your experience

Become a responsible Citizen

Participate in Surveys

Participate in Contests

Get Gift Vouchers

Participate in free sampling

Get offers and discounts

For Others

Share experience with others

Spread the good word

Raise voice against wrong

Prevent bad experience.

Teach others from experience

Show responsibility for others

Encourage others for surveys

Encourage others for contests

Let others get gift vouchers

Let other get free sampling

Let others get offers/discounts

For Community

Increase Community Awareness

Improve Community experience

Save the Community

Alert the community

Make Community responsible

Community on one platform

Make the community participate

Improve Community benefits

Surprise the community

Improve community experience

Community Monetary benefit

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