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About Online Retail Shop

Online Retail Shop is a website that sells products and services from different sources to earn a profit. Online Retail Shop satisfy the online demand through a chain of suppliers. The Online Retail Shop fulfil orders by a large number of people in small quantities. Online Retail shopping can be for products or serivices. Most of the Online Retail Shop sales comes from finished products sold to end customers. People often come to these websites to browse for products and services, which may not result in purchase.

Online Retail Shop makes optimisation with respect to shop placement, target market, product / services display, customer relationship management (CRM) and its positioning in the online marketplace. After the optimisation is in place the ideal presenation, promotion, publicity, advertisement for product and service in put in place.

Online Retail Shop gives the option to the customers to buy products and services through the internet using a web browser. Customers visit the website searching for a product or service using search engine like Google Search. Customers can shop on a Online Retail Shop using different devices like computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.

Buying products on a Online Retail Shop is similar to making a purchase in regular retail shop. As mentioned above the customer can browse through a range of products and service, check out their features, specifications, prices etc. A Online Retail Shop caters directly to the end customer, a process known in technical terms as Business to Customer (B2C).

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More About Online Retail Shop

Customers would need an internet connection to access the Online Retail Shop. To complete the transaction on the internet the customer also has to have access to a valid method of online payment.

Shoppers shopped on Online Retail Shop for the convenience of shopping from home, for getting more variety, trust on brand of website. There were other factors that were more personalized for individuals.

Few of the factors that made Online Retail Shop successful are higher levels of education among the people, more exposure to technology, increasing trust on online transactions, media coverage for online

transaction etc.

The factors that influenced the customer behavior towards buying also changed with recommendations and reviews taking a upper hand and search engine results and online advertisements also making a great effect.

Online Retail Shop have tried to make the buying experience as similar to a conventional Retail Shop. Terms like shopping cart, adjust in item quantity, filling of shopping cart, showing that the shopping cart is empty, checkout process after the purchase, collection of delivery information during checkout gives a feeling of buying a product at the conventional retail store.

There are a number of payment methods that are available with the Online Retail Shop like cash on delivery, cheque, debit/credit card, electronic money transfer, wire transfer etc.

Product deliver is mostly done by shipping the physical product to the customer. Another widely used method is drop shipping where the order is passed on to a distributer of the product located close to the customer and the distributer delivers the product to the customer. In store pick up is also used to deliver products, where the product is delivered to a shop and the customer comes to that shop to pick it up. Digital items are send by a downloadable link or print out or granting access etc.

Failure of the conventional retailers to build a online presence have resulted in heavy decrease in sales. At the same time conventional retailers who have build an online presence are able to increase their sales and sustain in competitive market.

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