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Privacy Policy of Perfect Shop Directory- Online Shop Directory

Automatically collected information.

a. IP address or unique ID number of accessing device.

b. Technically information about the device.

c. Settings and preference on the device.

d. Location as shown on the device.

e. Contact number used to access PSD website.

f. Other websites visited on the said device.

g. Any Search done on the said device.

h. Advertisements clicked and viewed.

i. Time spend on PSD website.

Perfect Shop Directory Privacy Policy

Perfect Shop Directory (PSD) respects the privacy of PSD website visitor and user on When using PSD website PSD may collect some information about the website visitor or user in order to enhance their experience and to improve services provided on the website.

That information may also be shared with third parties and service providers. A clear picture of how the collected information will be used is mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy policy is subject to change, without any notice. Any changes made will be reflected on this page of and will come into effect from the day the change is made.

Types of Information that is collected

1. Automatic collection
On visiting PSD website or by using the services offered on PSD. Types of information automatically collected are given to the left.

2. Information provided by the website visitor.
There is no login on PSD. So all the information that the website visitor or user may provide would be to use services offered on PSD or to participate in ongoing offers. This information would be displayed on the listing of the website and would also be used for verification of the website and in the popup certificate. Any other information that is collected specific to certain services and offers would be displayed as mentioned on the said services or offer. Only email ID that is collected is hidden on display.


Privacy Policy of Perfect Shop Directory

The website visitor or user may choose not to provide the information requested for using the services and offers, but without the details the person may not be able to use the said services or offers.

The collected information will be used to provide the said services or offers. It will also be used to improve user experience, evaluate and fix issues, display relevent ads. Email ID will be used to send notification, confirmation, verification, messages, newsletters, reply to enquires. The contact number will also be listed with in the services and offers. The contact number may also be used to collect publicly available information as associated with it.

All the information other than the email ID collected for services or offers will be displayed in the listing on the website at the discretion of PSD. This information will be freely available for all website visitors visiting the listed page of the said website which may also be linked from other pages on the website.

The information may be used by Service providers to provide support facilities for the fulfillment of certain services and offers.

The payment information that is provided when making a purchase would be directly made on the website of the payment service provider and PSD will have no access to the said information.

Advertisement services provider may use information to display targeted ads. These companies may also collect more data pertaining to visiting and using of PSD website using cookies.

Analytic service provider may use the information to provide analytical data which would help PSD know more about how the PSD website is being used.

Aggregated anonymous information about the website users may be disclosed publically.

The information may also be disclosed in response to, including but not limited to, court order, government requirement, comply with law, litigation, investigation of illegal activity, protection of legal rights, enforce right and defend claims.

Privacy Policy of Perfect Shop Directory

The information may also be shared in connection with corporate restructuring, sale or merger.

Information received through Job applications may be retained for a period of time and used for evaluating, considering, analyzing candidate for job position applied for and vacancies that may arise in the future. The same may be shared for similar or better job opportunities with associated concerns of PSD.

Cookies that are used widely and accepted by browsers automatically may be used to collect specified browsing related information for enhancement of user experience. The website user can configure the browser to not accept cookies, if the website user so prefers. Turning cookies off may make some features and services on PSD to not function properly.

PSD may include links to third party websites which have their own privacy policies. PSB website visitor or user is requested to read the privacy policy of the respective website before using it. This privacy policy will not be applicable or apply to that website.

Children below 18 years are not allowed to use the services offered on PSD by themselves, but they may do so under the supervision and credentials of parent or guardian.

PSD does not recommend or endorse any product or services shown in advertisements, mentioned in articles, offers, contests etc. The website visitor using the products or availing the services would be at their own risk.

No rights or requirement is created by anything mentioned explicitly or implicitly in this Privacy Policy between PSD and third parties which requires the disclosure of information of visitors and users of PSD website.

All the information collected will be stored on the servers in India or USA or any other country that provides hosting service for By visiting or using the website visitor or user agrees to the above mentioned collection, sharing and use of information.

In case of any queries please contact PSD using the contact page.

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