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Perfect Shop Directory is all about giving value to the website owners. It is the vision of Perfect Shop Directory to provide best coverage for websites by giving them exposure on the internet through different interactive engagement methods.

They provide active listing of websites such that the vibrancy of the activities creates more and more customers. This in turn affects in increase in sales.

Perfect Shop Directory has taken it upon itself to provide 100% return on investment. At the same time this creates a potential possibility of multiplying the same 100 times such that the website can reap the benefits of the same for many years to come.

Creating a unique identity in the field of Directory Listing Services such that Listing of a website no longer remains a passive and subdued, instead it becomes an active and interactive platform that would create more possibilities.

It is their belief system that each and every website has the potential to become a profitable business that would bring happiness to the people associated with it.

Perfect Shop Directory has many tools that realize that potential of the website and make it stand out on the big world of the internet.

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5 Mohammedi C.H.S., Church Marg, Fakhri Colony, Bhayandar West, Maharashtra, India 401101

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Yqub Ali

Founder, Owner

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Yqub Ali

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Launched on
23 Oct 2017

Listed On
20 Nov 2017

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20 Nov 2018

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Perfect Shop Directory is for a community of website owners, whether they are individuals or organizations that sell at least one product or service on their website. This website aims at collecting all the successful individuals and organizations at one place so that any other person or organization can get more information about them and also provide reviews about them. So who is this website for? This website is for everybody. For all the successful website owners and all the other people who want to do or have done interactions with them.

Perfect Shop Directory wants people to realize that this website is for you, this website is created for each and every person. While Website owners can list their websites on the website, all others can list themselves under shoppers and share their experiences with the websites. Perfect Shop Directory intends to connect with all people so that the community of website owners gets their support and be motivated by them.

Perfect Shop Directory aims at giving a valuable and wholesome experience like many famous web directories. If you loved them then you will love Perfect Shop Directory too. Get more inspiration for your business and at the same time access blog posts giving advice on promotion and publicity. Combine all that with a vibrant community of shoppers to support the website.

The Website Contests like the weekly Website Opinion Contest and few more to follow will create an exciting interaction between websites. 'How to' videos and articles will create more ideas and support for website marketing.

Perfect Shop Directory is an evolving and growing website. This learning experience is what separates this Online Shop Directory from most of the Website Directories. They have took upon themselves to share this learning experience with everybody so that they also can grow and profit from their experience.

The story of Perfect Shop Directory began with a dream of bringing all successful website owners together on one platform such that the world can see them and use their products and services. It also intended to provide a field of free play where the shoppers can review and if necessary complain about the websites, such that the websites are kept more vibrant and receptive to more business and growth. This creates a win-win situation for the website owners and the shoppers of these websites such that there is value creation for both.

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Perfect Shop Directory

Headquarter of Orgnaisation
Bhayandar West, Maharashtra, India

Yqub Ali

Key People
Yqub Ali



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Years of Organisation
2 years

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Weekdays 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun closed.

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Paypal, Payumoney

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Online Directory, Online Shop Directory, Online Website Directory

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