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About Online Directory Shop

A Online directory shop is a list of websites of individuals and organisations. It may contain details like name of website, company name, contact number, address etc. of websites from all over the world. The main purpose of a directory is to allow people to search for and find the websites of individuals and organisations.

A Online Directory Shop usually contains only links to the website. In most cases this formed very complicated network of categories with hunderds of links. But after realizing the complications many popular Online Directory Shop simplified their categories.

There are different types of Online directory Shop based on the type of information provided. Some of the most common are:
1. Telephone Directory
2. Business Directory
3. Website Directory
4. Industry based Directory
5. Skill Based Directory
6. Subscription based Directory
7. Organisation directory
8. Membership based Directory
And many other types of directory has been made over the period of years to gather the website details of specific or general individuals or organisations.

Most of the Online directory Shops arranged their listings in alphabetical order so that it becomes easy to search and find the information required. Other than having website details of individuals and organisations the Online directory shop may also include details of emergency services that may be required when there is a crisis situation.

Most of the Online Directory Shops contain advertising. The directory listing with limited features are offered free of cost to particular segment of people the directory caters to. Now a days even some of the features of the Online Directory Shops are given free of cost. The expenses incured for making the Online directory shop are covered by advertisement or by sponsorship.

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Uses of Online Directory Shop

The uses of Online directory Shop are as follows:

1. A Online directory Shop helps the user get the website details of an individual or organisation.

2. It is a shared information that is accessable to everybody.

3. It helps in locating the website of the individual and organisation listed in the directory.

4. It can include contact information like contact number, address etc.

5. It is made in such a way that it is easy to search and get the details of the website of the individual or organisation listed in it.

6. A Online directory Shop is important channel to let people know the website existance and website details of individuals and organisations.

7. Each listing is considered as a data by the Online directory Shop, although there are no limitation to search in the form of a webpage, but the categories and tags made to be searched by these different attributes.

8. The type and nature of Online directory Shop is what defines how much data is included in the directory.

9. In most cases the name of the website of the individuals and organisation form the basic listing criteria but even contact numbers can be used in its place. In the Online directory Shop all the details mentioned are made searchable which makes it easier to find that particular website of the individual or organisation.

10. When searching in a directory the user only needs to have just one information about the website of the individual or organisation, all the other details can be pulled up by the Online directory Shop.

Some of the Online directory Shop are not accessable to all people and the information on such Online directory Shops are available only to people who are authorized to use it. It should be noted that a Online directory Shop is not just another database, but it is a meticulously arranged one which helps people to find information that they are looking for easily.

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