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B Category Page of Perfect Shop Directory

B Category Page of Perfect Shop Directory

B Category Page of Perfect Shop Directory
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B Category Pages

B category page creates a group of websites beginning with B. It is used on Perfect Shop Directory so that the viewer can easily search, find any website beginning with B. All the website beginning with B are arranged in an order. The structure is so arranged that the websites starting with be are easily found. It also functions as an index for all the pages that begin with B. All the websites beginning with B are organized in alphabetically order.

When a website is added to Perfect Shop Directory it is assigned the B category if the name of the website begins with B. So the website is not only listed in the category of relevance but also on the alphabetically category. On Perfect Shop Directory alphabetically listing is a package deal and does not incur any extra cost, effort or formalities. The listing on alphabetically categories is done keeping the requirements of the viewer in mind. The strategy behind this category listing is that the viewer finds what he or she is looking fo easily.

The easy understanding, comfort and use of the viewer is the main reason for setting up an alphabetically category listing.

The alphabetically category page like this B category page enhances the overall user experience of the user or viewer. It helps to create a positive impact for the promotion of website on Perfect Shop Directory.

The B category page acts as an index for websites beginning with B so the viewer can go from one website beginning with B to another website beginning with B in alphabetical order of the letters following the letter B.

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B Category Pages on Perfect Shop Directory

How does listing in B category work?

B category is a part of the alpabetically categories and the websites that are listed on the B category pages is a alternate page of the original page. This is to help the user get to the websites beginning with with little efforts and get what they are looking for. An example can the website 'Benny Creations' a cloth website is listed under cloth with an alternate page listed under B. When the viewer moves to find a website listed from normal category to alphabetically category, the url structure will change with the alphabet as a part of the hierarchy structure of the url ie. from to

The language, presentation and look of the category page like the B Category page is given proper consideration. This page also helps in the promotion of the listed website by firstly letting the customer to get to the reqiured website quickly, offering an alternative url to access the same website and also make the process of reaching the website easier.

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