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About Page of Perfect Shop Directory - Online Shop Directory

About Page of Perfect Shop Directory - Online Shop Directory


Perfectly logical, Easily searchable, achieve online glory.

Becoming a promotional, publicity and advertisement hub, providing transformational coverage for the websites of clients through repeated interactive engagement.

About Perfect Shop Directory

Website Listing Service Provider

Listing on Perfect Shop Directory is easy and simple as there is no complicated login or do it yourself. All details about the website have to be provided in a simple manner and the information is placed in the respective listing by human editors. For further simplicity, clients are not asked to learn anything thing to operate their listing or monitor its promotion. All this is taken care of by Perfect Shop Directory and the client can concentrate on working on his / her website while the advertisement, promotion and publicity is taken care of by Perfect Shop Directory.

Online Listing Service Provider

List your website from anywhere in the world and the experience the client will get would remain standardized with regard to advertisement, promotion and publicity.
We research to use the best promotion, publicity and advertisement so as to provide better coverage of website of the client across the internet.
Get advertisements, Promotion and Publicity on different platforms.
Also get 100% ethical listings with total responsibility for the provision of genuine directory services. All the listings are human edited, with physical manpower and human interface.
We offer free changes to be made once a month for the listing of websites and for the listing of products and services.
Get innovative ideas to promote websites by referring to blogs and by participating in various contests.


Listing with a zest, promotion at the best.

Provide a zest in terms of listing of websites and provide the best promotion, with advertising and publicity, so as to set high global standards.


Provide Global Solutions for Directory Listing Services and maintain a class of its own among the Online Shop Directory.

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More about Perfect Shop Direcory

Online Directory Service Provider

Perfect Shop Directory offers a remarkable range of Directory Services. With a perfect mix of advertisement, promotion and publicity in Webpage ad, Newsletter ads, Video ads, Audio Ads, News publicity, Press release publicity, Social publicity, blog promotion, survey promotion, product and service promotion, offer promotion, many other website development services that makes Perfect Shop Directory a listing station for all surfers on the internet.

Shop Listing Service Provider

Perfect Shop Directory follows a policy of listing only those websites that are selling atleast one product or service on their website. We hold ourselves responsible for listing only shop websites. If a website does not fulfill the criteria of being shop website, disqualifying it from getting listed on Perfect Shop Directory, 100% money back guarantee is given if the website is not listed.

Website Promotion Service Provider

Perfect Shop Directory is a website promotion service provider that operates with a series of promotional activity, interactive activities and focus oriented activities. Perfect Shop Directory has founded promotional services under its listing services and is known to having significant impact on the website promotional and coverage. Perfect Shop Directory also provides promotion through contests and Shopper reviews.

Website Publicity Service Provider

At Perfect Shop Directory, their client gets the best publicity for their websites at the best prices that are guaranteed to provide best satisfaction. With the increasing choices in publicity services, it has opened up new avenues in content publicity and social publicity including blog publicity, newsletter publicity, News publicity, Press release publicity, Facebook publicity and much more at prices that will amaze their clients. And this is just the top of the iceberg. Perfect Shop Directory has plans to add much more to provide a complete website publicity package.

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